Dear Jannes,

Our evening in Archeon with the Spartacus show could not be better. At least that's what we thought, with a drink afterwards in the Roman inn. Until suddenly an interesting appearance occurred behind us and with a few well-chosen words and tricks made our evening even more beautiful.

Thank you, Jannes, for putting such a happy smile on the faces of Kasper and Kamil (as well as ours)!

Warm greetings


Dear Jannes,

And thank you too, this was really a great way to end a long meeting and certainly not what was expected. The team really really enjoyed it.

Arizona Chemical Company

Hi Jannes,

Het was wat ons betreft de Dukaten dubbel en dwars waard!
Wij hebben zowel van kinderen, team als ouders (via hun kinderen) lovende woorden gehoord over je optredens. Ik wist het natuurlijk al lang 😉 maar nu weet ook heel De Elzenhoek het. Het was leuk je te ontmoeten en even gezellig te praten over van alles en nog wat. Ik wens je veel succes en we komen elkaar zeker nog tegen, in Archeon of elders.

warm greetings,

Dear People,

May I, Library Venlo and Jannes thank you very much for the great performance he gave last Tuesday at De Zuidstroom!
Jannes was also so willing to perform the performance twice, because we have all groups 6-7-8 double. This way we did not have to disappoint any group and all the children enjoyed his skills! Unbelievable Awesome!
The children and teachers have watched Jannes's magic with a lot of laughter and have learned something about the Middle Ages too.
Once again: VERY BIG THANK YOU!!

Teachers and children of primary school De Zuidstroom, Venlo

Greetings: Helma Linssen

Dear Jannes,

We enjoyed your show and workshops. You really fascinate the kids with your medieval tricks, stories and jokes. You totally involve them into it. The busy kids became quiet and the quiet kids just came loose.

Thank you very much!


Dear Jannes,

It was a beautiful day indeed. We had a lot of good reactions to your performance, sorry we didn't thank you, but the spontaneous applause of course also spoke for itself. My brother said very well: often I find performances dominating during parties. This magician felt just right and entertained the audience, but was not prominently present. Our compliments.

Thank you very much, Frank, Margo and the kids.

For Jannes

The next beautiful drawing was given to Jannes by Nina after a performance in 's Hertogenbosch. Here Jannes does the 'scary' trick with the knife in his nose.

tekening van Nina


My wife disliked magicians all her life, you're the first magician she really enjoyed!

A sincere reaction of a spectator after a performance for the elderly in Pijnacker.

Dear Jannes,

We received positive reactions to your performance! It was a lot of fun and good tricks. My daughter talks about it all the time and we tried the trick with the ring at home, of course it didn't work at all.


Residents' association Kivietsdel Doorwerth

In Coevorden Jannes gives education lessons every year. A number of students were fans after one lesson but of course you have fans and fans. If, 1.5 years later, it takes you 6 hours of travel to see Jannes' stage show in Archeon, then you are a real fan! Especially if you've had a special Jannes T-shirt made, much to Jannes's surprise!

foto Max

Dear Jannes,

Choosing you to be our guest in your role as medieval magician has been an excellent choice and has had great significance for the success of the day. Your performance between the audience and especially the young audience has been a resounding success. We would like to thank you once again for that.

yours sincerely
Leendert van Nimwegen
Factor of the Society of Rethorics

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