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The booketh of charm

This book breathes the magic of the past. For children a magic book that appeals to their imagination, but also for the collector a very nice edition.

Jannes regularly came across tricks in old magic books that are also great fun for today's children. He collected the best in this beautifully designed booklet. All the tricks and the accompanying pictures are centuries old.

This little book looks exactly like a 17th century manuscript. In that days you bought loose sheets or quires from the printer. If you had enough money you then brought it to your bookbinder who bundled it by making a nice parchment or leather binding around it.

24 pages on beautiful paper with rough borders. Hand-tied with linen thread. If you want, Jannes will sign the book especially for you!

€12, - including shipping within The Netherlands. Ask Jannes about the shipping costs outside The Netherlands.



Jew's harp

Jannes likes to play the Jew's harp. You can make very crazy sounds and funny swinging music with it and...even talk with it! Of course Jannes uses a replic medieval Jew's harp but it's hard to play and...if you're not careful it's dangerous for your teeth. This Jew's harp comes from Vietnam and is safe! You do not set it against your teeth but against your lips. It has a beautiful sound and sits in a nice wooden tube. Including an instruction manual from Jannes. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

€9, - including shipping within The Netherlands. Ask Jannes about the shipping costs outside The Netherlands.

You want a nice crazy ringtone on your phone?

Datura CD's

Medieval music from Datura

tip from Jannes

The music of Jannes' stage shows comes from 'Datura'. You can listen to and order this beautiful medieval music directly at the website of Datura.

If you would like to visit Jannes in person at an event in the near future, please contact. Jannes often has a few CD's in stock and on request she will bring them especially for you so the carrier pigeon can have a day of rest.

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