Kinderen mogen er weer met hun neus bovenop

Children are allowed to come a bit closer

1 July 2020

Oyez, Oyez, hears hears! The herald brings us very happy news! Children up to 12 years old can stand (as we say in Holland) with their nose on the tricks of Jannes again! For them, the 1.5 meter rule has been canceled, also towards adults!

Young people up to the age of 18 no longer have to keep a distance from each other and can therefore be closer to each other again. So the capacity of performances is back again. (As long as it concerns family entertainment of course)

This means that Jannes can perform (almost) normally again! As long as there are children (under 13 years) they can check an object, assist in a trick etc. etc. And that is Jannes's strong point.

Only the adults will have to keep their distance from each other. In fact, they often already stand behind the children.

So we can do magic again and Jannes wants to make the best out of it, because in these times that is of course more than welcome.

Unfortunately, almost all events this season were already cancelled. But Jannes can perform again! Hears Hears!

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