Let's keep in touch!

23 March 2020

Dear fans, organizers, fellow entertainers, medieval people, in short everyone I meet at castles, museums, theme parks, campsites, schools etc. These are hard times, medieval times I even have heard saying.

Unfortunately, tonight all events have been cancelled until at least June 1st. That was to be expected, but it really makes me sad. Of course because of the terrible virus and all the unpleasant consequences but also simply because I can't see you in real life in the coming months.

fortunately these days we have more than just a carrier pigeon. Do you have a question, do you want to catch up or do you want to know something about the Middle Ages? Contact me if you want. It's nice to keep in touch with you from time to time!

Let's hope the virus is under control soon and that I'll see you all in good health after that. I'm looking forward to it!

Stay healthy and take care of yourself and each other!


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