Middeleeuws Ter Apel

Feast in medieval Ter Apel

26 August 2019

This year Medieval Ter Apel celebrates its 25th edition! That's why the theme is: Feast in the Middle Ages!

'Ter Apel' is not only the most authentic medieval event in the Netherlands, it is also large and very pleasant.
You also find a real medieval fair with many medieval merchants selling beautiful authentic stuff. Visit the camps, imagine yourself in 1465, gather around the jugglers and fire-breathers, listen to storytellers and enjoy medieval music. Of course, a battle is not to be missed either. Luckily, Jannes knows exactly what time and where this takes place, only his attempts to keep the people away from it usually have the opposite effect.

However, you can also peacefully enjoy one of the most beautiful medieval monasteries in the Netherlands.
Highly recommended!

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